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Saturday, August 27, 2005

SHE IS ...

she is intelligence..she is grace,
she is the greatness... few understand or praise.
she is the truth...uninhibited and pure.
she is the restraint desires can lure.
she is pride with defiance...
she is submission with compliance.
she is the darkness in the light,
she is the only star in the moonless night,
she is calmness and tranquility,
she is tumult and activity
she is without words and expression,
she is the most well written description
she is the victory of the lands,
she is the disgrace of the sands.
she is the one who reigns and leads.
she is the vanquished who for mercy pleads
she is the beauty..natural and innate,
she is the false illusion gods create
she is power and strength...the indomitable might,
she is the soft aura of a flickering candle light.
she is the eyes that speak in silence,
she is the quiet endurance that bears all violence.
she is the tears that are hard to hide,
she is the happiness held secretly inside.
she is the spiritual air of devotion,
she is the most vividly expressed emotion,
she is the care ...the warmth around,
she is the pain in a neglected wound.
she is the turbulence...of the storms inside,
she is the serenity of the which the tides abide.
she is the pristine laughter from the heart,
she is the deliberate smile when we part.
she is the uncomplicated simplicity ,
she is the simplest complexity
she is in the lessons of life that she would teach.
she is in the depths of the meaning that none can reach.
she is the beginning of an end,
she is the destination just beyond the bend.
she is in me...she is in you,
she is in life's complete view...
she is the soul...thoughless and impeccable ,
she is the being...thoughtful and fallible
I cannot continue the journey with her,
I close my visions blur.
she goes her veiled charisma,
she is , indeed, the greatest enigma.
I hold a part of her in me...yet there is something I miss,
I am too humble to define...what she " really" is..

1 comment:

kaps said...

Hi Abhivyakti!

An extensive, discursive and wonderfully smooth example of virtuosity indeed. One just goes on reading and enjoying it till the end in a manner akin to a classical piece of pure art… from the most obvious to a completely unrecognized phenomenon… you conveniently elaborate a gamut of emotions which simply absorb the reader. The final lines are befitting as in YOU... UNDEFINED...

A pleasure to read :)