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Sunday, May 20, 2012

For the love of gray..

Black and White are short-lived
like short dashes in the sketch
but the subtle gray has a strange way
of being my companion along the whole stretch

It manages the extremes
and eases the burden of definition
of the absolute (right or wrong)
in a world that specializes in the art of  division

I like it for its tolerance
for the middle path it takes
I like it for the gentle shades
how in anger no judgements it makes

Why are we so busy
classifying everyone into bins
Why is there so much shame
for the one who never wins

Maybe if we could live and let live
and judge a little less
mix all the bright colors
and learn to love and caress

Gray has empathy and grace
but it does not preach, it will always embrace
both black and white
both night and light , with the same naive face

It does not make a bold statement
it may not be noticed in a room
but it will let other colors speak
make even the pink in the foreground bloom

I not only love grey for its integrity
for its shyness and depth
but for its quiet support to the conflicting
its equanimity, its readiness to accept

I am thankful for all the gray in the world
clouds, carpets and crowds that do not judge
I know there is some grey in all of us(not only in our hair :)),
that gives the "red love" in us the accepting nudge

I always strive to be like gray
grounded and not eager to sway
Whenever the black and whites trouble me,
I pray for it to be a cloudy, thoughtful day..
for the love of gray ..