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Monday, July 09, 2007

I AM...

"Kanha , Have I bought; the price he asked I paid ;
Some cry , "Too great", while others jeer," 'T was small";
I paid in full, weighed to the utmost grain ,
My love, my life, my self, my soul, my all. "

~ Mirabai(E.L Turnbull)

From the diaries of Princess Mirabai ...

In a paragon of the abstract
The supreme reigning fact
a statement of staunch belief , a faith translated ,
In triumph over the unconquerable , victory delineated.
an unbound , free sense of truth demands
a pedestral beyond what classification commands
In potrait ;in essense
In obeisance; in reverence
of a love that transcends its own boundaries
from the corrupting clutches of convention it flees

The tumult of thought put to a premanent rest,
the everlasting victory of self-conquest
me and my silence ..are forever friends,
Involved and a conversation that never ends..
the first oath , the first promise
is unswerving allegiance to one's own premise

An upliftment of the soul ,
An innate independence , a beautiful resonance of the whole
An emotion of unbridled exhilaration,
When to the self, the self becomes an inspiration,
An inner equation of essence deciphered,
A higher state of living acquired.

When the consequent emotion cosumes all ;
When singularity of thought governs the divine protocol
The union of self with the unattainable ,
when darkness and light become indistinguishable,
When godliness pervades the mind ,
When the futility of existence is left far behind.

From the tangled , aimless milieu of thoughts , one state of being emerges;
When an ultimate peace reigns within, to which each and all converges ,
When a trance stays on through nights and days,
when through each spoken word , divinity itself conveys.
Attainment of the pinnacle of possibility,
since now and forever ...a continuing self-discovery.

A stand of equanimity against the dislocating dynamism that operates ,
In a giant leap across the chasm , the shallow "knowledge" of all evaporates,
What remains is a pure nothingness;
The first fresh morning of the soul's regress.

An overpowering thought, a precise passion
An association with light , an indelible impression
A compilation of all that was and is ,
An exaltation of life , a catharsis.

The most enriching tribute to existence,
Through the veins of a troubled conscience, a purging renaissance
Thoughts traversed , judgements surrendered ,
In absolute blankness, the eternal expression discovered .

When the revered is surpassed by the sheer greatness of reverence ,
When love and the loved lose meaning and difference,
The gratifying thought is all that prevails ,
The aura of faith nurtures , the identification of the object fails.

A unique solution , a secret pleasure,
That rational wrappers of knowledge can never fathom or measure.
No justification , explanation, or want of credence,
A simple , uncorrupted unguarded deference.

An acme of concentration , the zenith of convergence,
The invincibility of a vulnerability that seeks no defence.
A soft submission of a nascent mind , to a reach beyond the guarded,
The ecstasy that can not be shared, the robes of normalcy discarded.

Like the simple manner in which water satiates,
Like the grace with which darkness light dissipates.
Like when one and only one emotion throughtout permeates
Like unto its highest , it to itself , perpetrates.

A feeling with no comparable description ,
A supreme liberation ..with the master's permission.

In the midst of opposites each day,
we painfully struggle to find a way..
Like that path has been found,
lit with confirmation, where no contradictions question and hound.

Differences become immaterial to the inner harmony that reigns,
A continuing end, an everlasting conclusion that seeks no means.

In the big book from the heavens , I always searched for me ,
One day I found my name , merged with an expression of thee.
I amalgamated into and beyond myself and you,
My entirety ..a single thought could contain and embue.

Dedicated to the unknown , I bask in the dedication ,
Slave to the greatness, I see my glory in the submission.

Like the first flow through a choked lane,
like the welcome realization of that lost sense of want and pain.
Like moving across destiny's waters and getting drowned,
The day my identity dissolved in them...the real princess was crowned.

To submerge in tranquility
to taste divinity,
to connect with life,
In a relationship of primordial simplicity.

I bond with the eternal , I fly away in time
I float in music , I am chanted in rhyme.
I am the lost , I am the found ,
I am the silence , I am the sound,
I am the sanity of an immeasurable magnitude
I am the assimilation of an infinite gratitude..
I am a thought in a crystal clarity
I am the completeness of a definite finality

I am...the indefatigable spirit that thrives in the core,
I am the evolution..the because..the only, the thus ...the therefore..

I am.