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Friday, August 05, 2005


Who are you?
are you my reflection.. my core ,my values crystallized unto perfection
are you the "rightness" imbibed in me,
or the thoughts which I never let free
are u an optimistic perception,
a dream conjured by my mind, a self-deception
I do not know what blurs my view,
the fading hues of twilight or the early morning dew.
as the night amalgamates into the day and day into night,
I question the eternal contradictions...good and evil..wrong and right.
are you the innocent wonder in the eyes of a child,
or the unappreciated beauty of the flowers that blossom in the wild
are you the irresolute air of conflict....submission with defiance,
or the sacred,unfathomable ..the sounds of silence.
are you the pristine laughter that shines through eyes,
or the very first tears..when a newborn cries
are you the fears buried deep inside,
or the celebration of a lifelong victory..."the day all sorrows died".
were you the first step that I took
or the shadows that walked along....though I would pretend not to look
are you the secrets in the folded fist of a newborn
or the gnarled hand of an old man.......lines on the palm deep and worn
are you the sheer glory of a starlit night
or the vain attempt to shield my eyes...when blinded by too bright a light
are you like water..transparent and clear,
or my misty memories ......fading yet dear.
it is a vain attempt to bind you to descriptions,I know
I lack the insight to perceive you..mere words continue to flow.
to all the unanswered questions ,the mysteries that have intrigued,
to all that exists..good or whatever I have believed,
I have only one answer beyond my judgement and mind,
its simply you..... you "undefined".

1 comment:

kaps said...

Hi Abhivyakti!

A comprehensive, lively, vigorous and profoundly meaningful piece of ingenuity. It was amazing to observe the simplicity with which you add depth to your words – each of which is worth a poem in itself –

"I question the eternal contradictions...good and evil..wrong and right."

"the unappreciated beauty of the flowers that blossom in the wild”

The journey finally culminates in perhaps the most appropriate manner, providing the reader - a strange sense of satisfaction.

Tc :)