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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Of a seed..
that had been wronged
taken away by that southern wind
from where she had belonged..

From an unknown seed carried by the southern wind you came ,
the unnoticed nook in the wall captured you forever , to hold ,to own and tame..
from where did you come ,uninvited, you never revealed
within yourself the part , the whole always concealed
so long as you were quiet ..the walls ignored your presence,
in each moment of a constant change ...the inactivity as a pretence
then on a gray day...the first rain was here
the water that had tasted that earth ...which to you had been dear
that blinded the closed eyes..with a sunshine never seen
that stimulated the touch of ...the dew drops that had never been
that treasure of the soul...that rested in sleep since long ago
woke up in know of the welcome her flow
the metamorphosis...the rain-brought realization of a new form
since the last casual journey with the treachrous winds,a permanent adherence to a new norm
the little roots , the first leaf.. that special shade of green
very much like that faraway have never even seen
each spread a little more than yesterday
with the evening freely chatter and sway
that incessantly fluttering little leaf , so pleased with the breeze
the slight crack in the wall..the width always on an increase
this way ,that move in a careless mirth ,
how long shall the roots bind you .. to the lost touch of the earth,
a slight perturbation,a monstrous change
when in betrayal of the puffy white clouds, stormy patterns arrange
one day..the walls shall revolt and the storm will merge with the rain
the little leaves will be humbled and the roots shall know the pain
the rain dictated by the storm's ambition
here to strike with an insider's permission
to uproot that statement of identity carved in the wall
to conspire with the power of the witness this fall
the nook was never yours, it was losing patience
the roots held onto foolishly , a powerless defence
it was a pattern of hurt in a veil of ownership ,
a dominance so stealthily stolen , a feigned partership,
the rain came again in silence and mourned with the scent you had known
of the land that you could hold on forever , of where a tree had grown
All was lost ..only a hope just remained ,
long after the the storm was gone..and the crying heavens had rained ,
of a meeting with "that" green ,whose part here did flourish
of once smelling that land of birth..that could protect and nourish
of a sight of a frivolous movement to the wind's direction
of a childhood carefully groomed ...under the earth's sturdy supervision
of this the last leaf had dreamt ; clinging to the wall...praying all along..
to fly with southern wind one last "that" tree where she could belong..