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Friday, December 28, 2012

Worthless tears

Like restless clouds
impatient to pour
or unruly streams that flow down
wayward slopes
like young children
or angry teenagers
that sometimes do not know
when where and why
they are going
just surging mindlessly
they run so fast
tiring themselves
in this aimless exertion

my tears are such
untamed inundated
in their complaining
they do not listen to me
and have a mind of their own
Maybe my eyes laugh at them
behind their back
like wise old men
scoffing at the worthless attempts
of the young blood 
acting on impulse and flowing in the moment
or the skies that mock
the rains that wet a barren dead earth
that will never bear the fruit of this labor

but if everything in this world
went to the deserving
many of us would be so poor
I am grateful sometimes
for these expressions of pain
that make me vulnerable
clouding my vision
to shield the summer sun 
enriching me with a passionate pain
all this time wasting themselves....

These worthless tears...