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Monday, August 08, 2005


"Though you guard it well,
what destiny does not decree disappears.
Though you cast it aside ,
what fate calls yours,
does not depart."

What intrigues me most is not of the "outer" world around,
rather it is the inner tumult...dreams and expectations abound.
If you give me hopes ...that may enlighten my way,
then before I reach the bend...just don't go away.
give me the guiding light.
I do not desire the rainbows you weave...bathe me in the tranquil white.
What of a bright flash that dies long before dawn arrives,
Be the faint star whose flickering flame unto sunrise survives.
Be the gaze that holds the horizon far,
Be the confidence guarded by destiny's power.
Be the meaning that echoes beneath the words I speak,
Be that innate strength that makes the "outer" evils weak,
Be the greatness gracefully veiled ,
Be the acceptance of what fate had long ago sealed,
Be not the shallowness whose depth I may soon forget,
Be not the misguided steps which I may later reget,
Be not a moment that will always haunt,
Be not the painful memory of what I did want,
There are infinite ways in which to be or not to be,
The innumerable shades of the "greyness" of life..with open eyes I fail to see,
How do I convey...that happiness that accompanies pain,
The water that flows free...despite the fragments of shattered porcelain.
To these unclear perspectives of my mortal mind, grant the assurance that I need,
not the knowledge of what "should" be or not be.....rather what "shall" by you be

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kaps said...

Hi Abhivyakti!

Starting with an instantaneously agreeable prologue, the creation mellifluously continues to discover the Be’s and Be not’s. The humble address to an eternal power, and the choice of exploring what to ‘be’ Before what ‘not’ to ‘be’ conveys a clear and positive attitude to life – something which also fills the reader with alacrity and a promptness to appreciate this fantastic work. :)