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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Someday...there will be rain without thunder,
there will be perfection in a blunder,
I will talk to that distant star...
the earth will forever smell of the very first shower.

there will be a night that will never end,
and a message the heavens shall then send.
I will exist beyond space and time then,
not bound by all that which rules the world of men..

I will decide the weird shapes the clouds will make,
I will choose the colours the rainbow will take.
The secrets of the skies will be known to me,
I will delve into the depths of the unfathomable sea..
the wind that makes even the big trees sway,
I will guide her to the path...when she loses her way.
I will find out how it feels to fly,
the touch of the clouds they wander by.
But no pain, joy will then come to me,
They grace the earth..and high up I will be.

There will be everything...and yet nothing..
Inspite of this freedom ..I will miss something...
The voices that I used to hear,
Laughter,smiles ,tears ...the moments that were dear.
All this will be taken away,
In an endless oblivion I will forever stay.

I will miss not only harmony but also strife..
not only love..but also hatred.. I will miss "life",
I will miss the thunder that brings the rain,
I will miss the happiness that can overcome pain.
I will not look at the moon that night,
I will think of the small parts of my life...from my first step to the last flight.
I will no more want to rise with the early morning ray.
Because I will no longer "be" what I "am"...after the night of "some day"....