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Sunday, October 30, 2005


to the passion of the subtle grace of yellow light,
to the inner all scintillating and bright..
to the eyes that reflect....expressions so clear,
to the glow of happiness on the face...of someone very dear...
to the silver of the mirror...that can capture moments and reflection..
to the transparency of glass...the light that passes through inspite of the refraction...
to the candlelight flame that slowly dies away...
to the seven colours that are beautifully hidden in a light ray...
to the enlightening power of knowledge....that dispels my inner confusions
to that single light that guides my the unclear horizons...
to the struggling beam that despite the growing darkness survives.
to the first gleam of the morning sun across the dark skies,
to the sheer beauty of the shimmering stars at night...
the tranquil light of the moon...that bathes the earth in white...
to the inner aura and goodness of some people...which brightens up my life too..
to that twinkle of wonder in a child's eyes...the innocence and purity that you can see through...
a word of gratitude to all this...
the light that creates shadows which i tend to miss...
to this light and the darkness which surrounds happiness and prosperity,
to the warmth that illuminates my life..a heartfelt thanks to the grace of the almighty...

Saturday, October 22, 2005


i want to break free,
i want to choose what my life will be,
i want to be lost and never be found,
i want to be the disappointment of the unheard sound,

i want to keep forever the moment that just passed away ,
i want tears to explain what i have never been able to say,
i do not want to take a step ahead,
i just want to close my eyes and simply be led,

i want to escape into my dreams for a while,
i want to feel the exhaustion of walking a long mile,
i want to live the reality that can never be,
to flow like water...uninhibited and free...

i want to be devoid of all awareness,
i want even the slight shadows to be engulfed by darkness
i want to be that moment of sudden realization ,
when lightning strikes suddenly..the short-lived illumination

i want to be the joys that i often desire and always miss,
i want to know the meaning of happiness..the secret of bliss.
i want to be the unusual quiet before a storm,
i want to be the fate of words to which thoughts give depth and form....

i want to be a lifeless painting hung on a wall,
i want to be the last journey of the autumn leaves as they fall,
i want to exist in the perfect sphere of a drop of rain,
i want to ponder why i sometimes seem to like pain...

when i am hurt i understand how difficult it is to smile,
when life pushes me hard ..i yearn to sit down for a while..
during the usual days....amidst the sad and the happy times..
i search for what i really want...i search for these "sometimes"....

Monday, October 17, 2005


"its all somewhere between analog and digital...."

boundaries..that define..that confine...
across the continuity that etch a sharp line..
the feeling of belongingness to a finite space
to recognize those eyes....on that very common face.
a stark difference or a gradual gradation,
to snap a chain of thoughts..or with time..a slow regression.
only precision and no ambiguity,
without the mist that alters unnatural clarity.
let intuition speak....listen to what it has to say,
sometimes..the subtle confusions lead to the right way.
can everything be quantified or bound to specifications,
to hold on to the pains of the past or completely erase the slight impressions..
there is something that logic fails to understand,
the powers that exist beyond it...the lines on the palm of my hand.
difference lends a meaning...a particular interpretation,
it is not forgiving......the irreversible separation,
to aim at accuracy and eliminate the slight variation,
a gaze so deviod of feeling..that it conquers distraction,
to seek a definite form ..a liquid always fails..
some descriptions are meaningless....without the finer details...
there is no truth that is absolute..nothing wrong or right,
just the meanings which we give....a shade darker or bright.
there is something about disorder that cannot be ignored,
though far away from the beautifying exactness ..the humble acceptance of the equilibrium that can never be restored.
the asymmetry that is distinct and raw,
bestowed with the grace of an accidental flaw
precision fails to grasp this deeper meaning that is intrinsic,
in words never the imperfect and the artistic.. .
in thoughful overflowing emptiness...
in the rhythm of undiscovered uniqueness...
it can't be pefection always...all the inseparable shades blend together into one,
the hues of the inevitable presence..of "the unreasonable side of reason".