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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Why can't butterflies live a little longer,
Why can't the meek be a bit stronger,
Why is it so difficult to understand "right" and "wrong",
to hum with perfection the silent tune of life's song,
If I do not win....why do I have to lose,
Every everything..why do I have to choose,
When I do not want to think ...why do thoughts chase me,
Why do I have visions of happiness...which in reality will never be.
If you know I will fail...why do I have to try,
to give a false smile...when I really want to cry.
If you know how to talk...why are you quiet,
Don't keep me in darkness....I want to share some of your light.
Why did you create difference and similarity,
to every person..his uniqueness...his singularity.
Why can't you send away the clouds...and make the sky clear.
Let the stars be with me...take away this apprehension and fear,
I will talk to them about little things..
the scar the moon has...and the interesting patterns on butterflies' wings.
If I were a butterfly..I would change colours everyday,
to feel every moment in a different live to the full in this short stay.
Maybe then I would not bother you so much,
My life would be short and colourful...there would not be much time as such,
I will not question you about life then,
with my little wings..I will try to reach you in my flight when.
I will not want to talk to the stars...
because now will wait for me....the blossoming beautiful flowers.
Life would be very different then ...I think
from the imperfect mind of a the unknown thoughts of a butterfly...I would shrink
Make me a butterfly .......tonight,
I will live another life then.....till the morning light.

1 comment:

kaps said...

Hi Abhivyakti!

A really really sweet poem, it beautifully probes into the questions which often circumvent all of us and gradually proves to be a delectable treat for all the nature lovers. The illusory is charming and impeccable so that one actually imagines the life from a butterfly’s point of view. Butterfly- an appropriate entity to represent the desire to surpass the immanent limitations of a human’s life – it is fabulous to read.

Tc :)