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Monday, October 17, 2005


"its all somewhere between analog and digital...."

boundaries..that define..that confine...
across the continuity that etch a sharp line..
the feeling of belongingness to a finite space
to recognize those eyes....on that very common face.
a stark difference or a gradual gradation,
to snap a chain of thoughts..or with time..a slow regression.
only precision and no ambiguity,
without the mist that alters unnatural clarity.
let intuition speak....listen to what it has to say,
sometimes..the subtle confusions lead to the right way.
can everything be quantified or bound to specifications,
to hold on to the pains of the past or completely erase the slight impressions..
there is something that logic fails to understand,
the powers that exist beyond it...the lines on the palm of my hand.
difference lends a meaning...a particular interpretation,
it is not forgiving......the irreversible separation,
to aim at accuracy and eliminate the slight variation,
a gaze so deviod of feeling..that it conquers distraction,
to seek a definite form ..a liquid always fails..
some descriptions are meaningless....without the finer details...
there is no truth that is absolute..nothing wrong or right,
just the meanings which we give....a shade darker or bright.
there is something about disorder that cannot be ignored,
though far away from the beautifying exactness ..the humble acceptance of the equilibrium that can never be restored.
the asymmetry that is distinct and raw,
bestowed with the grace of an accidental flaw
precision fails to grasp this deeper meaning that is intrinsic,
in words never the imperfect and the artistic.. .
in thoughful overflowing emptiness...
in the rhythm of undiscovered uniqueness...
it can't be pefection always...all the inseparable shades blend together into one,
the hues of the inevitable presence..of "the unreasonable side of reason".

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