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Thursday, April 26, 2007


ek svachand panchii ke par-on mein chipa aasmaan ka vistaar
yatharth ki dor se pare....aseemit aakankshaaon ka aadhaar...

of a free bird...liberated , undeterred,
of the wings of freedom ..unending, untethered,
the eternal romance of flight with the skies..
the indefinite equation where no boundary applies..
the sacred forbidden route to a chaos now identified
the weird shape of the cloud of thought forever justified
the journey with no promise to return
the care without motive or concern
of a flow , an inundated movement
independent , unbound, resurgent
of a lost sense of what "ought" ,
of an ecstasy of a choice since forever sought
of words that melt held notions,
that challenge hidden questions...fuel discussions..
on a vast canvas in a stretch of infinite dimension,
a newly painted interpretation that seeks no affirmation
of a flood that enriches as it engulfs in entirety
of a deep bond not corrupted by a displayed affinity..
of a thoughtless love...of a thoughtful solitude
of a victory celebrated..with a loser's attitude
of letting go all caged and imprisoned in the self somewhere.
no more the nervous a piercing stare
abandoning questions elopement with the answers
to forget the words that formed appreciate the jumbled letters
to experience an inner revolt ; to be wary of acceptance
to turn back and, with pride, reject the inviting entrance
for follow the inner steps with closed eyes
to let go of reality for the imagination that flies..
to visit her know her soul
to begin the journey.. to forget the goal
to borrow some dreams from her again
to speak in my own language..without having to explain
to see everything as she dictates
as my shackled expression she liberates
across her..beyond her
to..conquer , to..surrender
in the whirlpool of a comforting illusion
in the long awaited flight for migration
of my first desire..of my last will
of an escapade with freedom.. of the nascent thrill
a melting dream of wax wings...carefully moulded and sintered...
the first flight to the blazing sun...of a free bird ..

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