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Sunday, July 31, 2005


There is such an intricate web of thoughts within,
I just do not know where to begin,
There is an eerie silence inspite of the sounds,
just numbness and no pain despite the wounds,
Why do i search for something that can never be found,
there is no depth or richness of meaning,just plain gravity ..the stable ground.
my thoughts are treacherous, they deceive words and expression,
they wander aimlessly....i crave for clarity of perception.
I guess the confusion around blurs my view,
I am all alone...surrounded by the deep blue.
What do i want do i define,
and how much do i hold on to...what truly is "mine".
Why looms around always....that dark fear,
emotions frozen into the impressions mere.
now i no more understand...what words spoken to me really mean,
What do i want to see.....what actually "is" there but is not seen,
I can feel no senses defy,
Just my thoughts i hold...memories wander by.
They are mine , truly mine....these i own beyond time
No language,no words ...just the truth sublime.
What are perceptions...merely what i choose to see
or the inevitable... what had to just "had" to be,
Beneath the folds of memory...lie long forgotten pains and dreams
Yet,struggling through the clouds of tumult....the golden sunshine beams.
Slowly...i return to the world of words that had,
given form to my "inner inexplicable"..."the unsaid".

1 comment:

kaps said...

Hi Abhivyakti !

Wonderful Creation ! A thoughtful portrayal of one's inner dilemma. I don't know the incitement behind it, nevertheless the smooth flow of feelings, which are conspicuously real for any human - made it a pleasure to read.

tc :)